Flange Management


Within the oil and gas industry, flange management and controlled bolting are recognised to be efficient and cost-effective in ensuring leak-free systems.

These tools are used for correct assembly and tensioning of bolted joints during construction and for all subsequent maintenance operations.

Willda Group focuses its investment on field-proven equipment and extensive employee training in order to deliver the highest standard in flange management.


  • Eliminates leaks and unscheduled production downtime
  • Reduced workforce due to Willda Group's highly-qualified, versatile personnel
  • Shorter lead times due to the efficient, controlled bolting equipment
  • Full traceability and history of flange joints
  • Willda Group's depth of experience, first-class safety record, work practices and procedures guarantee the highest quality in mechanical joint-integrity management services


  • Computerised flange management control system
  • Tailored solutions ensure efficient use of resources for applications ranging from simple joint projects to full plant construction projects
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment ensures speed and accuracy
  • Tension capacity: 1" - 3.5" diameter, including metric equivalent
  • Full range of hydraulic and hand torque wrenches, including low-profile and square-drive heads
  • Full range of flange machining equipment