The service

The suction unit is installed on a trailer pulled by a truck, thus capable of reaching the most rugged sites.
Our unit has the advantage of having a system powered by a motor dedicated only to the suction, and with a specific configuration able to guarantee the optimal performances. The unit is able to completely destabilize a cellar and a well platform in one day.

The large power available to allow use of this machine up to a distance of 50 m from the cleaning area, using a hose with diameter up to 4 “and only one operator on site.
The mobile sandblasting unit is a system designed to aspirate sand or any solid material of different particle sizes from light dust to solids smaller in size than the 4-inch flexible suction tube.

The entire service can be managed by an equipped 2 to 3 people and in terms of performance can be compared to that of 25 operators with the traditional means of sandblasting and in our case with a constant yield and a considerable gain over time.