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High-pressure water jetting is a standard industry practice to efficiently remove construction debris, sand, rust and mill-scale from newly installed pipework.


Willda Group's high-pressure water jetting services employ high-pressure pumps and state-of-the-art nozzles to produce a very high fluid flow at the point of impact on the pipe wall, with a minimum use of fluid. The inverted angles of the nozzle tips produce enough force to propel the nozzle and hose through the pipe.


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Our high-pressure water jetting services offer the customer an exceptionally clean pipeline interior, guaranteeing a debris-free start-up.

The jet is kept at peak flow throughout the pipeline, guaranteeing excellent scouring results.


Nouveau Waterblaster.
  • Hoses, nozzles and centralisers available for all pipework diameters
  • Pump pressure up to 1,500 bar
  • Rapid cleaning of large-diameter pipework, using a minimum of water
  • The injected water can be recycled, filtered and re-used
  • The nozzle can be configured to traverse pipe elbows and vertical sections
  • A corrosion inhibitor can be added to the injected water