Nitrogen gas is a clean, dry and inert gas that makes up 79% of the air we breathe. The unique properties of nitrogen liquid or gas offer a wide range of capabilities to hydrocarbon processing facilities and pipelines. Nitrogen purging is a well established, industry standard technique for the replacement of a hazardous or undesirable atmosphere with an inert atmosphere. Nitrogen purging limits the oxygen content so that it cannot react with hydrocarbons to produce explosive or hazardous mixtures.

Purging can be employed during the commissioning of a process plant, during start up, turnarounds or shutdowns. Displacement and dilution are the two most common forms of purging. The configuration and design of the plant determines which method is most efficient.

Liquid nitrogen is vaporised and pumped at dewpoints approaching -65°C, and therefore is perfect for drying water sensitive process systems or pipelines.

Pipeline maintenance, product changeout or inventory displacement can be delivered safely and economically with Willda Group's high-pressure, variable flow mobile pumping units.

  • Process and Pipeline hydrocarbon or oxygen purging
  • LNG / LPG tank purging and drying
  • Process and Pipeline drying
  • Pipeline pigging


  • N2 can eliminate the need for drying prior to start up
  • Clean, dry, inert gas
  • Variable flow and pressure features deliver time savings


  • 3 x 180K Nitrogen Pump Units
  • 6 x 8,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
  • 2 x 22,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
  • 6 x Hand Held Mass Spectrometers